Hello Folks,

Wooden spirit of man and bird coming out of his nose f5.6; 1/100s; 100iso

Bios-des-esprit trail is one of the nice short hiking trail in Winnipeg. Its about 117 acre in middle of the city, I guess only people staying in this neighborhood know about this place.

Another wooden carving f 5.6; 1/600s; 100iso

Last weekend I had opportunity to go with my meetup group and had a wonderful time, could able to get some of the beautiful pictures of wooden carvings or wood spirit. Here some of those pictures I am sharing with you guys hope you like them.

gray owl F5.6; 1/600s; 100iso

Another bonus going in trail was wild life. Frequent encounter deers, birds and squirrels. Its worth spending half a day and take 2km trail and enjoy the nature and wild life. Below are some of those bonus pictures which I loved taking. If you like please don’t forget to like or leave comment.

f5.6; 1/125s; 100iso
f16; 1/60s; 100iso
f5.6; 1/160s; 100iso
Jewels of Jungle f5.6; 1/500s; 100iso


Vijaya Chitnis


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