Another story of Highway 66

While we were looking for some place to stay near by Grand canyon, during my last US trip me and my photographer friend could able to discover a motel in place called “Ash Forks” I am not very sure how many of you reading this post are familiar with this name. Anyway by the time we reach the motel Ash forks Inn it was dark and we could able to locate two gas station in town otherwise it felt like no human habitat around. We were surprised after hearing the story of 60 years old motel in small town with only 841 people.  From motel we also found out this amazing restaurant Lulu Belle`s. Moment after dinner we were curious to know about the history of town, why they call Ash Forks, how the highway 66 affected the economy and families of the town over the years and many other information.

Next morning our way back to Las Vegas we went around the town took couple pictures with out cell phone just to document the story of the town. In nutshell we learn that, the name Ash Forks came from ASH tree forest along the town and the place is known for producing finest lime stone in US. Off-course the stories about ‘Santafe railroad’ and why most of the town abandoned now ? why only 841 people around? how high way66 influenced economy of town and people? were interesting read about.

I am happy that,  we could able to halt in Ash Forks and know about less known historically place. I also recommend if you happen to travel on highway 66 or to Grand Canyon, don’t miss to enjoy a mean in Lulu Belle`s and go around Ash Forks. Will come up another story soon, until stay connected.

(All pictures were taken from Black Berry Cell Phone)


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