Everyday objects, photography of fun

Hello Friends,

Have you ever try taking pictures of common everyday objects for fun? Things you often see like cutleries or the special food you prepared in the weekend, or the vegetables, which are one of the most interesting objects found in any kitchen.

Considering you like photography and you live in North America this will be alternative fun activity in Winter. I’m here with sharing some the common objects I shot around the house, most of these pictures are taken from mobile phone. Availability of high resolution camera,  in addition awesome photo editing apps like ‘toolwiz’ you can create wounderful picturs with great quality at home.

Folks, if you are interested in learning basics of photography, this type of activity will greatly help you to better understand basics of composition, angle and lighting. Though spring is here, it’s still cold out side. Why don’t you guys take this assignment and show, how good are you in photography ?  Hope you guys like some of these pictures.  Share your work with me atFacebook page -lookingthroughlens@facebook.
Looking forward for your pictures




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