Bad Weather is Good for Photography

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Spring is sprung and we are just few weeks away from official summer in Canada. This post is just intended tell you guys that, do not skip going out on day with bad weather, specially if you are photography enthusiast.  Here I am posting some of my picture which I took last week, all the pictures were created on stormy &/or rainy day. The way pictures turned out were very interesting,  lighting and sky was amazing, in-fact these two factors together made common landscapes look great.

Beautiful landscape captured at lower Fort Garry
Old wooden cart along with the farmers house in background. This is single capture (not HDR), picture was shot in manual mode at 18mm (~28mm in full frame). F6.3; 1/640sec at 100 ISO.

This picture was created at lower Fort Garry, Manitoba last week on Victoria day. Just look at those beautiful sky, what do you think about this picture ? are you wondering, how did I get proper exposure for the sky? here is my trick. Since it was outdoor shot I kept ISO 100 and at f6.3 I have wooden cart in focus, in this case only shutter speed (SS) was variable. First I focused to sky that gave SS of 1250 sec; then 500 sec when exposed to the house, and the SS was 250 sec for cart, averaging these three values will give you 640sec. It was little underexposed for foreground subject, but you always can recover the shadow in post processing.

Fort Garry Chairs
Beautiful Red Chairs on Bank of Red River, Captured at lower Fort Garry. The camera settings were  18mm focal length (~28mm in full frame) at  F6.3, 1/800 sec at 100 ISO

Somewhere I read that once a famous photographer told “if you must shoot color simply put something Red in picture” This is one such example. Unlike previous picture I did underexposed 1-1/2 stop to capture details in sky.

Birds hill Park
Beautiful View of Lake at Bird`s Hill Park, Manitoba, at 35mm, F11, 1/40 sec, ISO 100.

Again this is single shot (not HDR) from viewpoint on north drive, Bird`s Hill Park. In this composition two things to be noted. 1. Use sky only if it adds some meaning to the picture and 2. Use sky as background in only required proportion, too much is not too good friends. This picture was also 1-1/2 stop under exposed.

Making most out of the scene- Reflection in puddle. At 21mm (~33 in FF), f9, 1/200 sec, ISO 100.

Making most out the scene to create composition that is more interesting is also important thing, here reflection in this puddle makes best foreground for this composition, and in addition it adds sense of depth as well. Picture was shot at Selkirk, Manitoba on same rainy Victoria Day.

So, friends go out and shoot, get the best picture. Do not forget to share your opinion comments with me, also feel free to share your picture and stories with us at Here.
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Story of Seligman on Historic 66 Photo by Vijaya C. — National Geographic Your Shot

I took very long time to process this old picture, it is old but new! On final leg returning from Grand canyon to Las Vegas, Guru my friend and me decided to stay in small town called Ashforks. After dinner, as Guru was browsing about our next visit, we found out the history of HWY 66. After learning the history we decided to take highway-66 instead of other super fast highway, we traveled through until Seligman. The story of these small town tells due to new high-speed highways, less people travel through these small-towns. Seligman & Ashforks were among the popular town on HWY66, but now deserted towns with very few people around.

Source: Story of Seligman on Historic 66 Photo by Vijaya C. — National Geographic Your Shot

Another story of Highway 66

While we were looking for some place to stay near by Grand canyon, during my last US trip me and my photographer friend could able to discover a motel in place called “Ash Forks” I am not very sure how many of you reading this post are familiar with this name. Anyway by the time we reach the motel Ash forks Inn it was dark and we could able to locate two gas station in town otherwise it felt like no human habitat around. We were surprised after hearing the story of 60 years old motel in small town with only 841 people.  From motel we also found out this amazing restaurant Lulu Belle`s. Moment after dinner we were curious to know about the history of town, why they call Ash Forks, how the highway 66 affected the economy and families of the town over the years and many other information.

Next morning our way back to Las Vegas we went around the town took couple pictures with out cell phone just to document the story of the town. In nutshell we learn that, the name Ash Forks came from ASH tree forest along the town and the place is known for producing finest lime stone in US. Off-course the stories about ‘Santafe railroad’ and why most of the town abandoned now ? why only 841 people around? how high way66 influenced economy of town and people? were interesting read about.

I am happy that,  we could able to halt in Ash Forks and know about less known historically place. I also recommend if you happen to travel on highway 66 or to Grand Canyon, don’t miss to enjoy a mean in Lulu Belle`s and go around Ash Forks. Will come up another story soon, until stay connected.

(All pictures were taken from Black Berry Cell Phone)