Spring bloom

Hello Friends,
How are you doing? I guess seasonal changes made photography enthusiast busy, as lots of stuffs around grabs your attention, from your backyard to nearby parks. Off-course, if you go for hikes in bigger parks  defiantly you will see lots of interesting colored flowers and leaves. Here I am posting some such pictures taken from the park which is in my neighborhood.

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For this shootout I used following gears (Further details were also provided with each pictures,  open in new tab by right click to view full size picture).

  • Canon 7D markII camera.
  • Canon 55-250 f 4-5.6, attached with 12mm extension tube.
  • Canon 100 mm L Macro lens.
  • Tripod (Vanguard).
  • Yongnuo 600EX-RT flash.

You do not need all the listed equipment for spring bloom capture, any camera & any lens which has macro capability &/ or lens attached with extension tube can yield reasonable pictures.  However for better quality I recommend to use good tripod &  focus lens manually.

I have provided more details of lens and camera setup along with with each pictures, please refer to it. If you have taken any spring bloom pictures please share them with us with this link click here.

If you need more technical details or you have any questions related to photography, do not hesitate to leave your comment, alternatively you can reach me on social platforms FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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Story of Seligman on Historic 66 Photo by Vijaya C. — National Geographic Your Shot

I took very long time to process this old picture, it is old but new! On final leg returning from Grand canyon to Las Vegas, Guru my friend and me decided to stay in small town called Ashforks. After dinner, as Guru was browsing about our next visit, we found out the history of HWY 66. After learning the history we decided to take highway-66 instead of other super fast highway, we traveled through until Seligman. The story of these small town tells due to new high-speed highways, less people travel through these small-towns. Seligman & Ashforks were among the popular town on HWY66, but now deserted towns with very few people around.

Source: Story of Seligman on Historic 66 Photo by Vijaya C. — National Geographic Your Shot

Everyday objects, photography of fun

Hello Friends,

Have you ever try taking pictures of common everyday objects for fun? Things you often see like cutleries or the special food you prepared in the weekend, or the vegetables, which are one of the most interesting objects found in any kitchen.

Considering you like photography and you live in North America this will be alternative fun activity in Winter. I’m here with sharing some the common objects I shot around the house, most of these pictures are taken from mobile phone. Availability of high resolution camera,  in addition awesome photo editing apps like ‘toolwiz’ you can create wounderful picturs with great quality at home.

Folks, if you are interested in learning basics of photography, this type of activity will greatly help you to better understand basics of composition, angle and lighting. Though spring is here, it’s still cold out side. Why don’t you guys take this assignment and show, how good are you in photography ?  Hope you guys like some of these pictures.  Share your work with me atFacebook page -lookingthroughlens@facebook.
Looking forward for your pictures